Types of Drug Detox

In present times there are four types of drug detox treatments available for the addicts and alcoholics to achieve the initial stage of calmness. It includes cold turnkey method, specialized detox center, medical detox facility and rapid detox method. Every method of drug detox has its own benefits and pitfalls. Lets understand in detail what these methods are all about.

Cold Turkey Drug Detox
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Cold Turkey Drug Detox
This type of drug detox method is also known as a natural detox method and it is suitable for an addict or alcohol drinker who is undergoing the stage of acute withdrawal in a private setting with little or very less care.

Unfortunately, there are very less chances of successfully breaking in the initial stages and most of the addicts return to the drugs before even they have reached the recovery process.

Despite being tagged as a failure, quitting cold turkey isn’t dangerous if you consume drugs like marijuana, mild opiate, etc. However, there are some substance addictions that can lead to the life threatening symptoms like sudden cessation. The three most dangerous substances is alcohol, benzodiazepines and barbiturates, all of this can lead to respiratory, cardiac, coma and death.

Inspite of the substance of abuse, most of the experts don’t recommend natural detox as the success rate is significantly impaired.

Specialized Detox Center
The specialized detox center provides treatment upto 2 weeks. The patients are evaluated and individualized treatment plan is developed for duration of the stay. These plans are tailor made according to the needs of patients, so some detox patients will undergo a treatment for just few days while some may require a week or so. In majority of the cases these kind of detox facilities will work in conjunction with the long term treatment centers that patients can get automatically transferred once they pass initial stages.

Medical Detox
This drug detox method is similar to specialized detox, but it has medical component to it. It consists of an onsite nurse or doctor, dedicated monitoring service and other kinds of medical benefits. This medical detox center helps the addicts to trim down their drug usage in an effort to maintain the medical safety or reduce or eliminate the symptoms of acute withdrawal.

It is required by the addicts that have relapsed on a constant basis, as subsequent attempts to get  desired results result in acute withdrawal symptoms that lasts for a prolong time period. It is often referred as the Kindling effect and it is a real phenomenon that makes it extremely difficult for people to remain clean. This medical detox center addresses the issues safely and in a non- judgmental environment.

Drug Detox- How it Help?
The Rapid Detox Method is a method wherein the patient undergoes the symptoms of withdrawal and unconscious. It is accomplished by placing the patient into medically induced coma, then administer the series of drugs that facilitates and speed up the process of acute withdrawal. It protects the patients from the worst of the symptoms and allows them to start the treatment method without pain and discomfort.

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