Ultimate Goals Millennials Should Be Setting Right Now

Millennials are known for putting first their interests and passion before anything else. If they want to live alone, browsing through leaflets of condos for sale in The Fort, you can be sure that they’ll figure it out, even if they can’t get that condo in The Fort.

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So for millennials who want to set goals for their personal development, here are some other goals you might want to consider.


Doesn’t have to be abroad, since that’s what people mostly do, especially those who post about it on Instagram. However, don’t do it for the bragging rights. Do it to give yourself a feel and sense of fulfillment knowing that you helped other people out of the goodness of your heart, and not just to get likes and follows. By doing this, you can recognize how privileged you are, and maybe you’ll learn the importance of contributing to society, and giving to those who are unfortunate in life.

Find something you truly enjoy

Many people have a difficult time looking for something that they pour their entire heart into, but when they do, they want to do nothing but. It can be anything. It can be yoga, it can be dancing if you decide to go to your local dance studio; it can be a new hobby like writing or painting. Try everything you want to try and see if you fall in love with it.

Discover yourself

Maybe there is no end to the road of discovering yourself, and maybe you shouldn’t stop. Maybe your entire life should be dedicated to self-discovery. Read books about it, listen to podcasts, and listen to heart and your desires. When you learn something about yourself, you can choose to change your ways to fit what you’ve discovered, and maybe even turn your life around for the better if you’re not feeling like you’re on top of the world.

Build friendships that last

Yes, even online friends. Don’t take your friends for granted and invest in your relationships with them. Your relationships with other people, especially with friends you spend most of your time with can affect your happiness and outlook on life. Appreciate your friends, show them that you care, and if you don’t have a lot of them, maybe it’s time to try making more.

Try something new

If you think you can’t do it, do it. Try something you wouldn’t normally do, or try something you know you wouldn’t go into. Open yourself up to something new, something you’ve never thought about. Maybe you can even find a new hobby because of it. If you’re too scared about trying it out, bring a friend. Maybe you’ll discover something together with them.

It’s difficult to catch up when people have expectations of you, but it’s better to slow down and take it easy, maybe decide what’s more important for yourself rather than letting other people decide that for you. It’s your life and you should live it for yourself and not for other people.

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