Unlimited ADSL Offers

Many Italian companies work towards providing customers the advanced technology solutions, mainly related to cable television or broadband connections. Some of these companies are amongst the leading industries of the country that played an important part in the development of novel solutions like building of the national fiber optic network as well as implementation of the IP protocol for the voice transmission.

ADSL Modem Router Connections
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Fastweb is amongst the leading companies of Italy in the fiber-communications-optics. The major strength of the company lies in the high technical skills associated with Information Technology and network infrastructure installation. Apart from these aforementioned areas the company’s foremost goal to work towards customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements regarding their need of hi-tech solution for internet troubles.

The mobile network and wifi offered by the company allows the customers to manage the communication between all their computer devices minus the cabling requirement, nevertheless with the performance that is comparable or even better than the conventional wire networks.

Internet Flat offer includes:
Unlimited Internet at home with the speed of up to 20 Mbit / s for downloading and 1 Mbit / s for uploading. If optical fiber option available then the speed could be 10 Mbps for download and upload both. The offer is the most affordable ADSL without phone.

Allows unlimited Dynamic Public IP
Modem available for € 3/month for 24 months
It’s free: No fee or charges

ADSL not including phone service

The option of enabling Fiber 100 plan is also available if the customer wants the speed of 100 Mb / s for download and 10 Mb / s for upload (achieved by optical fiber). The option is free in the first year of activation and costs € 5 per month subsequently. After the end of promotional period, the price is € 32.00 per month, for the customers living in the areas, not in the direct service range of territorialli FastWeb network.

Super Surf offer includes:

Unlimited browsing of Internet for 24 hours at the speed of up to 100 mbit / s
National calls allowed to fixed numbers (free)
Modem for WiFi included in the offer
60 min available with all mobile phones

Free installation (subject to certain conditions)

Telecom Companies provide complete solution package for your every organizational need arising in your company, with special emphasis on the significance of communication technologies. Expertise, Reliability and Savings are the hallmarks of the Fastweb bouquet. A full range of Offerte Fastweb ADSL and telephone is available with the company that guarantees fast and easy installation that is compatible with mobile as well as with fixed networks.


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