Using Snapchat To Advertise Your Business

The social media world evolves at a rapid pace. You’ve just about gotten to grips with Facebook only to be faced with Instagram. And now you’ve got your filters and hashtags down pat, there’s Snapchat to contend with.

Snapchat - Using Snapchat To Advertise Your Business

At its core, Snapchat is a photo and video messaging app. The images and videos posted by users disappear within ten seconds of being viewed. Alternatively, users can save their posts to their daily “story”. These posts will last for 24 hours before being deleted. In contrast to Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat encourages users to post in the now rather than after the fact. It’s seen as a platform for real experiences rather than edited photos and fancy filters. It’s ephemeral, well developed for video content and a platform on which users watch 10 billion videos every day. 

Snapchat is a relatively new arrival on the social media scene, established in 2011, but it already boasts more than 200 million users. The platform is particularly popular with younger age groups. Almost 60% of users are aged under 25, with many within this demographic still to graduate from high school. However, as we’ve seen time and again with social media platforms, older generations are catching on a little later but slowly building in numbers too.

So Snapchat is clearly big news. But how can brands and businesses incorporate this social media platform into their marketing strategy? Here are a few ways you can use Snapchat to advertise your business:

Offer Perks or Promo Codes
Snapchat engagement amongst users and followers is high. Take advantage of this fact by using your Snapchat story to give away a promo code. Or give away prizes to followers who create their own Snapchat around your product.

Influencer Take Over
You should already be harnessing the power of influencer endorsement on your other social media accounts. Snapchat is another place where this is possible. Ask a market influencer to take over your Snapchat for the day and your followers are likely to increase.

Create Killer Content
Users like Snapchat because it feels real. Therefore, brands need to avoid any obvious salesmanship and try to communicate an “authentic” image. A young user base means fun, fast and colourful content is most often received well.

Give Sneak Peeks
If you’re launching a new product or planning a big event, give sneak peeks through a Snapchat story. Because Snapchat embraces the low budget video, you don’t need to spend lots of time and money creating something slick. Instead your followers want a real and intimate look behind the scenes of your brand.

Live Snap an Event
If you do organise big events, give your followers VIP access through a running feed of the action. This kind of immediacy is one of the reasons users have been so attracted to Snapchat from the outset.

Use Snapchat Ads
Snapchat Ads, launched in 2015, allows you to reach beyond the organic engagement of your followers to reach a wider audience. With Ads you can create, manage and monitor the success of your campaigns, controlling your target audience and your budget.

Brands can pay to sponsor an element of the Snapchat experience, for example Geofilters (a kind of digital sticker) or Lenses (animations to augment a snap). This is another way to advertise your brand through the app.

As with all social media platforms, Snapchat can feel a little daunting when you’re not used to using it. However, once you’ve got to grips with the basics of snaps, stories and lenses, you can start to harness Snapchat’s incredible potential and hugely engaged audience to market your brand.


Corinne Ledling is a businesswoman who’s very passionate about her job. She’s a Content Manager at and loves to share social media tips and tricks and her marketing experience.

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