Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

When Twitter was launched in 2006, no one thought it would be as popular as it has become today. Within two years, Twitter users had produced 1 billion tweets and was increasing at a rate of 1,382% per year. On average, there are 500 million tweets per day, or about 6,000 tweets per second. Current events begin trending on twitter even before the news gets a chance to announce them. Getting your business noticed on Twitter is imperative in the world we live in, as consumers search twitter for discounts, promotions and information on a daily basis. Customers will talk about you whether you are involved or not, so it is important to get yourself represented accurately on Twitter. Below are some tips on how to use Twitter to market your business.


Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are how people search for things on Twitter, so make sure that you use them to bring people to your brand. Create a hashtag specific to you that you use when tweeting about your products, but also create a hashtag that customers use when they tweet about you. Make sure to thank everyone who participates by retweeting what they shared. Use whatever hashtags you create that are specific to your brand across multiple social media platforms to create a consistent branding for your business. Also, watch twitter trends and use them to your advantage (when relevant). As holidays approach, use holiday-specific hashtags to get your business noticed.


Twitter is a conversation between you and your followers. When someone asks a question, make sure you answer promptly. When someone retweets your content, thank them for doing so. Host a “Twitter chat” once a month that allows customers to ask questions and connect personally with your company. Make sure you respond with a @Reply so that the person who asked the question gets recognition. Being responsive will build loyalty and improve your public image.


Retweeting is the “social norm” for Twitter. Retweeting will show customers that you care about delivering relevant information to them. Retweet quotes, tips and inspirational stories. Don’t just retweet the whole tweet, quote it with the abbreviation RT and add your own thoughts to the tweet. Not only does this make you more relevant, it attaches your name to the retweet as well, so that all of the followers of the person you quoted see your name attached to theirs.


Offer Twitter Specific Discounts

Incentivize your followers with a twitter-specific contest. Use the hashtag #Twixclusive to let followers know that it is a twitter-exclusive promotion code. You could offer the next 30 people to retweet your tweet a 30% off coupon, or run a twitter specific coupon code for a few days. If applicable, run a contest where consumers take a picture of your product with a specific hashtag to enter to win upgrades to your product. Time your promotions around new product releases, holidays and relevant events to your company.

Ask Questions

Encourage the “social” aspect of social media by asking questions in your posts. Invite followers to engage with your posts by asking thoughtful questions. Be sure to respond to answers to show your followers that you are listening. Make sure that your questions are relevant to you and your brand, creating consistency in your posts. Don’t ask a question in every single post though, as that can exhaust your followers.

Tweet regularly

It is important to be consistent in your tweets. Daily posts and engagements let the twitter community know that you mean business. When you’re away for a few days, schedule tweets to post for you through websites like CoTweet, Dynamic tweets and HootSuite.


Tweet Hints and Countdowns

If you are releasing a new product or upgrade to an old product, release daily hints and countdowns. This gives customers a “behind the scenes” look into your company, making them feel like they are part of an exclusive club. Don’t be afraid to post sneak peaks of a product, even if they’re unfinished. Just make sure you follow through any promises you make with your countdowns!

Use Pictures and Videos

Sometimes it can be hard to limit yourself to a 140 character limit, so post a picture to show what you may not have room to say. Tweets with pictures are more likely to be retweeted. The optimal picture size for Twitter is 1024 x 512 pixels. Videos are another great way to promote your business, showing a snippet of what you’re all about in short Vine.

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