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Pay-Per-Click marketing is usually considered as a money-making system capable of driving high levels of targeted potential customers to your merchandise. Search Engine Optimisation, however, is a longer game which focuses on the conversion of keywords into a high-ranking website. Both methods have their benefits and unique advantages but which one is better?

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Search Engine Optimisation

This method of advertising relies on the identification of keywords which can then be placed into blog entries or articles online. The principle is that the more times a link appears (within certain boundaries set by search engines) in articles, the more ranking points that link location receives. If, for example, SEO was hyperlinked, as it is here, a search for ‘SEO’ on Google would be likely to turn up the website to which this links. A single occurrence will never achieve this, but multiple occurrences through various blogs and article posts online will help to move the destination website up the search rankings for the phrase ‘SEO’.

Search Engine Optimisation has a particular value over all other types of online marketing because it allows the company to express useful information to customers in a bid to win their trust before they even reach their site. The customer can follow the links from the article through to the destination landing page or the company can merely benefit from the fact that they will appear higher on the search results list if the customer searches for ‘SEO’.


This method of marketing is excellent for driving a high level of traffic to a website, and is used mainly to increase sales. The adverts are targeted and appear like the ones which are probably displayed around this article. These adverts are tailored to you as an individual, based upon the searches that you have made from your computer. To test this you can search for something out of your usual search range and witness how the adverts change to target this interest. PPC marketing is mainly used to drive a large volume of customers (who are all targeted for their interests) to a site which will then attempt to sell a product. The way that this is costed is by a small amount being paid for every click which is made on an advert. As this is paid to the host website, search engine or social media site, it is beneficial to everyone for the advert to receive the highest exposure possible.

Which is Best?

Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-Per-Click marketing techniques have their own benefits and unique advantages over one another. Both will achieve a higher level of traffic to your site if they are utilised properly, but really they need to be used in conjunction with effective web design and a broader technique. Online marketing is multi-faceted and intricate so it is advisable to seek professional assistance to make the most of everything from social media marketing to intuitive web design.

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