What are the benefits of Salesforce Merge function?

Duplicate accounts, leads and contacts are the elements of bad data in a Salesforce instance. A duplicated record is just an unwanted thing which needs to be removed in order to empty the storage space. When you have duplicated data, you need unnecessary storage space to accommodate it. When only a single record can be sufficient then what is the use of storing a number of duplicated records in the system.


The consequences of keeping duplicate records can be frustrating as well as resource consuming. For example – You have multiple record of a prospect and the marketing people are sending mails and calling the same customer repeatedly from different desks. This causes frustration at the end of the prospect as well as your time and energy is lost in waste communication.

Therefore keeping your system away from the duplicates is a good practice in Salesforce merge. It not only removes the confusion and frustration from customer’s end but it also helps you and your team to store and manage unique data and less storage is consumed for your database due to the absence of duplicates. Though there are many ways by which these duplicates can be removed for contacts, leads and accounts in Salesforce, there is a good internal functionality in Salesforce which allows you to merge duplicate records in Salesforce and that is called Salesforce merge tool.

Benefits of using Salesforce merge tool

Removing duplicate leads, contacts or accounts in Salesforce keeping one consolidated record only is the function of Salesforce merge tool. This function of removing duplicate records can also be performed by using different data quality tools available in the market but taking advantage of an internal functionality in Salesforce is better than using third party tools in the system.

The best benefit of using Salesforce merge tool is not just deleting a duplicate record in Salesforce. It also helps in creating a single record in the system which is a consolidated aggregate of all the multiple records available. All the related lists for the records are also preserved using this merge tool. The advantage is that the resulting record is rich in information than the non merged records and thus data enrichment and enhancement is automatically provided by the merge tool. Your storage space is increased and the unwanted data is removed while the enriched data is created.

But there are some limitations associated with this great tool of data quality improvement in Salesforce. The only issues with the Salesforce merge tool is that you are unable to merge more than three records at a time and this is a manual process and you have to do it manually.

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