What to Do When You Find Scorpions in Your House

Scorpions are commonplace in Arizona. But surprisingly, when they invade a home, they can go undetected for a long time. Scorpions remain hidden in the burrows or crevices to avoid exposure to sunlight and heat, but they come out at night, in search for food, including insects.

Scorpion - What to Do When You Find Scorpions in Your House

Scorpions love staying in undisturbed areas. When you suspect invasion, the best place to start looking include you unused bedroom, basement, antic and so on. Just keep in mind that scorpions can squeeze into small areas, and like hiding in dark and quiet places.

Although scorpions can make good pets when properly housed and cared for, most people don’t want them crawling uninvited in or around their houses. So Keep your eye out and set up scorpion control immediately to keep them away.

Here is what you should do when you spot a scorpion in your house.

Catch it and throw outside
This kind of method may not be effective against scorpion infestation. It works well if you are sure that you have the occasional unwanted visit of scorpions.

Scorpions tend to move around water sources, so a great place to look with care is around your sink, or bathtub in the bathroom, and around similar wet areas in the laundry and kitchen.

If you find baby scorpions in the house, it’s just a matter of covering them with a wide enough plastic container, sliding a piece of cardboard under the bowl to cover it, and then transporting them outside. But, when you find more gigantic scorpions, you can use a bug catcher, consider using the device instead of the plastic container and cardboard sheet. It is much safer.

If you don’t want to return the scorpion to the wild, you can probably kill it quickly by a swift crush with a boot.

Fix all holes and cracks of your house
Fixing all the cracks and crevices of your home becomes less inviting to scorpions. They get fewer chances of entering your house, so make sure that you caulk around all holes and other entrance possibilities where your pipes and other plumbing enter the rooms of your home.

Start from the basement upward, and seal all the areas around pipes, drains, fittings, walls, where a scorpion might gain access to the house.

Plant lavender
Scorpions don’t like the smell of lavender flowers. If you want to get rid from baby scorpions in the house You can plant it around the perimeter of the home, and the good news is that It’s quite easy to grow and maintain, and smells lovely. If the climate in the place where you stay cannot allow growing lavender plant, you can buy lavender oil and apply it in areas where scorpion can scroll in your home. The aroma of lavender oil is useful in helping you chase away the scorpions.Citrus is also considered to be another deterrent. You could also grow citrus in pots near your entrance areas and use citrus oil cleaners in the bathroom and other wet zones of your house.

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