Why All the Negativity about Google+?

Facebook and Twitter marketing have become very important in the world of SEO. It is not surprising because Google has included social search features into its (undisclosed) algorithm for some time. Even though Google is refusing to include Facebook (the arch-enemy) into the social search features of Google, Facebook has so many users, in one way or another it, will influence Google search results. Linking social media and social networks, when done skilfully by those in the world of SEO, will have a radical effect on the ranking of your website.

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Google+ has been launched, and there has been a lot of negative publicity in the early days. For anyone in business, and who has a business website, it is a good idea to get involved in Google+ as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the situation, and the reasons why.

The Way Google Does Things
If you know Google, above and beyond the page, you use to search the internet, you will understand what is going on. Google+ was only released to a limited number of people for a period of time. It was not released to be a Facebook killer, although that is certainly on their minds. Be what it may, Google+ will slowly be used by more users as time goes on, just like Gmail has by many email users. Once you get used to Gmail, and understand what it can do, you will not bother with any other browser-based email provider again.

YouTube videos can do a lot for your SEO. In fact, YouTube videos are one of the best ways to juice up your SEO and boost your ranking alongside your website’s supportive articles and other content. Google cannot even see the content on those videos, and get’s much of the information about those videos from the written words, links and other information surrounding the video.

So why does YouTube play such an important role in SEO. The answer is pretty simple, it is owned by Google. Google+ is owned by Google, and it does not take a rocket scientist to work out how much this social media platform will influence Google Rankings and Google Search.

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Google has the Money and the Technology
Google is an absolute money making machine. It is the largest and biggest advertising platform on the planet. It is very difficult to get a clear figure on the earnings and profits of Google each year. YouTube video advertising generates billions of dollars of revenue, Google Adwords campaigns are monstrous earners, and increase at around 30% per year. There is Android, and the mobile advertising revenue, and the list just goes on because Google actually owns so many other websites and companies it would be impossible to list them on this page.

Google has the money to do just about anything it wants to. It has the technology, and it pays its people well. Anyone, who is anyone in the tech and geek world, wants to work at Google. They have some of the best people in the planet. Google+ will be super-smooth, very user friendly, and it will approach social media in a very different way. What we see now of Google+, is only the early days. It will get traction, and it will improve.

Lessons Learned
It often pays to be the first in the market because you get a jump on your competitors, and you always retain the reputation of being number one. Sometimes it pays to be number two. You can learn from all of the mistakes the leader in the market has made, and you can improve on their product.

This is exactly the case for Google. Circles (a feature of Google+), is a perfect example of that. Get involved with Google+ swiftly and with the skills of the online marketing professionals who have been working on and with Google for more than a decade.

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