Why You Need to Pay Closer Attention to Your Office Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Your air conditioning system is not just a piece of equipment; it is actually more like a human body. If you do not visit the dentist for many years, you will probably end up getting a cavity and have to go for a lengthy, expensive procedure- the same applies for your air conditioning. The following are some facts about air conditioning maintenance as well as why you need to make it a habit rather than an afterthought.

Air Conditioning - Why You Need to Pay Closer Attention to Your Office Air Conditioning Maintenance?

It is Good Being a Freak About Cleanliness

Clean air conditioning systems are happy systems, it requires a good clean out regularly. However, maintaining is more than just keeping the machine looking great. Dirty systems are not as energy efficient as the clean ones and as a result, you have increased running costs and a reduction in performance. It will not only cost more money to run but also the dirt build up increases the stress in the mechanical parts thereby making them work much harder than they ideally should, thus, reducing their lifespan. On top of all this, failure to clean the system can increase the risk of reduced quality of the ventilated air and destabilises the temperature regulation and you may end up with air temperatures that vary wildly. Simply put, if you wish for your air conditioner to run optimally and not require regular replacement of parts, then keep it clean.

Being Reactive Costs You So Much More

In spite of the assurances to the contrary, many organisations still operate in reactive mode whenever anything goes wrong with their air conditioning systems. This means that they will only bother to maintain them if something goes awfully wrong as opposed to scheduling regular maintenance checks and cleanings. The problem with being reactive is that repairs on big failures or simply just full deep cleanings can cost much more than what regularly scheduled checkups would. It not only costs more in terms of running expenses but also system failure can result in a massive bill for replacement. If you schedule regular air conditioning check-ups, then you can identify and replace the failing parts in a staggered manner before they ever cause problems and lengthen the lifespan of your components.

How Do You Know If Your Air Conditioning Requires a Tune Up?

You can look out for some main warning signs to help you know when your air conditioning requires a bit of love and care.

  • Age

You are not the only one with worries about growing older. We recommend that you replace your unit every 15 years since this is the average age of failure. Therefore, if your air conditioner is approaching that age then start looking out for signs of failure and start to plan for a replacement strategy.

  • Increasing Energy Bills

This is a simple way to tell if your air conditioner has started to exhibit signs of failure. Compare the current month’s energy bills and compare them to those of the previous months. Next, do the same for the current year and the previous year. If you notice a marked increase in the recent bills then know that something is up.

  • Leaking Water

If you keep finding puddles of water where they should not be is not necessarily the sign of a leaking roof. It can sometimes point to an air conditioning system that is leaking. The leaking is usually because of an overflow of excess condensation or a liquid backup. Whichever the case, you need to call an air conditioning professional for repairs and avert further problems.

  • Unpredictable Temperatures

If you reset your AC but still keep sweating then chances are high that your unit is faulty. It could be something as simple as a problematic thermostat. Alternatively, it could be a unit that is worn out and struggling to cool the air as efficiently as it should. Therefore, if everyone is hot and concerned then get your AC checked.

  • Weird Noises

Are weird noises ever a good sign? Well, when it comes to your air conditioning they are definitely not a good sign. If you keep hearing whistling noises sounding like a ghost is stuck in your pipes, clunking, creaking or any other weird noise then it could be a sign of bigger problems with your unit and you definitely need to get it checked that offered by various builders in Hampshire.

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