Why you should have a business Facebook page?

Social media is such a major part of people’s lives that as a company, being absent from it is a mistake. It only takes a few minutes to open a Facebook business account. Afterwards, some effort must be put into creating content and growing your following. However, all of this is extremely accessible to any company and having this type of online presence can be incremental in increasing the visibility of said company.

Creating Facebook Business Page - Why you should have a business Facebook page?

Facebook is, of course, the main social network where most companies focus their efforts and money. It has the most members and with Facebooks Ads, is a great way to reach a new audience that could be interested in your products and services. Here are 4 more reasons that you should start a company page on Facebook:

1) Spend less on marketing by using Facebook Ads

Marketing is a part of life for companies trying to find customers. In some cases, the amounts allocated to marketing can represent a large share of the company’s general budget. It is not unheard of to spend thousands of dollars for a radio or TV advertisement. On Facebook, ads run through a person’s newsfeed and on the sides of the page. With regards to the cost, a person can spend thousands of dollars if they wish to do so, but for most companies, a few dollars a day will be enough to reach hundreds, even thousands of people.

2) Contribute to your brand’s image

Creating a presence on social media can humanize your company, as it is a great way to harness social connections. People head to social media to interact with companies. They ask questions, share feedback and sign up to the pages to learn about promotions and new products. All of this also affects the brand’s image, as the social media profile becomes the voice of the company. This is also a great way to build a community made up of people that adhere to your brand and vouch for your services.

3) Attract visitors to your website

It is not always easy to get people to visit your website. SEO strategies help increase your ranking on search engines, but they don’t necessarily promote your brand. The website can be linked to the Facebook page, where pages, articles and other content from the website can be shared.

4) Get access to crucial information about your target audience

Facebook for businesses provides crucial information about the people that interact with your posts. You can learn and collect information about the people that follow you, from their sex to their age, interests and geographical location. This information is available through the Facebook Insights program. In the past, companies paid fortunes to gain such detailed information about their target audience. Facebook makes this process much simpler and more accessible.

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